Saturday, October 8, 2011

53 Weeks of Sunlight

53 pictures, 53 weeks, a bit more than one year...

Is it enough time to observe all the subtle movements of sunlight, all the shadow play, all the colour change as the season go by, from the crystal white of snow to the tasty green of spring to the peony fire of summer and the final fade away of autumn? We were plunged into the midst of this feast (we nicknamed it Light & Nature and then it developed into something that is hard to embrace and therefore hard to find a name that could possibly carry all the beauty, all the connotations of it) thanks to our co-author and contributor, our friend and a brilliant photographer Pirjo Lindfors.

Week by week, every Sunday there appeared a post on our Facebook page with an image that had been taken by Pirjo when she had been on a photo-hunt somewhere out there in the oh-so-distant and oh-so-beautiful Finland. And everytime it was a complete and utter surprise!

Paying homage to our friend with those small quick collages and wishing her all the best and her book to be published soon (we are queuing for the autograph :)

Kiitoksia paljon Pirjo!

Light Intelligence

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

L.A. Confidential

Colin Rich's time lapse shot of Los Angeles & The Cinematic Orchestra's song radiate a surprisingly delicate glow. A bit different from what we expect to see in LA.

And a bit of a controversy to the point that each city's lightscape is meant to showcase its unique character... just an infinite urban sea of light.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ROM for Royal Ontario Museum

ROM aka Lee-Chin Crystal designed by Daniel Libeskind in collaboration with the Toronto-based bureau Bregman + Hamann does not look like anything connected to natural history and world cultures! Well, the jagged geometry is kinda reminiscent of a gem stone as it is said to have been inspired of... but in its very deconstructive way.

Looks like the new structure of the museum has erupted from the ground and torn the bricked old building of the museum hosting the expositions before - and the interior continues to play with the contrasts and conflicts between the old and the new.

Inside, because of the complex geometry, there appeared quite a number of voids serving different purposes and further exploring the Old VS New topic: an atrium, a hall for ruminating and the most unique light well that we have ever seen!

With 25% of the aluminium-clad surface being glazed, there are floods of natural light in the exhibition halls. Slit-like windows, a signature Libeskind stylistics, are reiterated in the slits and rows of luminaires. Alice in the Land of Illusions, that's how you catch yourself feeling from time to time yet you are not lost at all. Architectural magic? The lighting definitely navigates you throughout this delusive space. Paradoxically enough, lighting with its non-tangible nature is something you can hold on to here, in the surreal Royal Ontario Museum.



As long as light is not a static thing, the attempts to capture it or showcase its effects are quite tricky. Interactivity always does lighting good, especially when the person performing the lighting talk is an Artist! And an internationally acclaimed artist and lighting designer Leni Schwendinger is truly a story-teller: narrating of seemingly trivial simple things that surround us in our everyday evening walks and make an impression that a rare person notices consciously but that is inevitably imprinted in our minds... that could annoy you for no apparent reason or that could give you a pleasant feeling of safety and comfort.

So... how many times have you walked The London NightSeeing™ LightWalk?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Strokes of Dance

... a lot of innovation coming from the Land Down Under recently. Architecture, design, polygraphy and now... Glow!

The dance company Chunky Move from Melbourne is pushing the boundaries of choreography: Terpsichore got upgraded and acquired some sophisticated IT skills?

As the dancer moves around the dance floor, the infrared camera is watching every single movement and communicating the data to the computer to generate a real-time series of algorithms. Which turn to the graphic response that we are following. Breathless. Not thinking of all the technology behind it.

And that's what makes it Art.

Friday, April 15, 2011


How to make a baroque ballroom even more baroque? Who else but the French know how to play with courtois style: absolutely mind-blowing light projections by Xavier Chassaing... hypnotised!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It Takes Three "You" To Make Imagination Work

We are carried away with Syd Mead's designs and übermentality. Oh, and his Blade Runner and Tron concepts. Can anyone predict the future better than the master-mind behind the Future worlds?

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo.