Friday, December 18, 2009

Gotham City

TV TOWER, StPetersburg, Russia

I invite you for a ride
Through the Gotham City night...

Not the brightest ditty, sorry! The experience is pretty poignant though! The TV Tower that I'm passing by every other day reminds an eery Christmas tree, with LEDs scintillating and flickering up and down and thus making the tower a focal point in the city as your eye is inevitably drawn to the glowing carcass. 

And at night the beam starts ferreting the skies. Sinister party!

Photo - courtesy: KOBA.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



The endless debate on urban development cannot leave out the essential part of a modern city - lighting. It's been used for commercial purposes, like advertising, and has recently been more and more applied for social projects. If we can create a shop identity with the help of lighting, why not use it to give some unique local flavour and differentiate on a broader city scale?

Thus, the fantastic project of the digital facade for Medialab Prado in Madrid. The patented device of large LED screen is used for idea sharing and info exchange, the system consists of a regular matrix of nodes of RGB LEDs implemented by means of aluminium cones, the section of which has been designed to reflect the beam of light of emission sources and to improve the screen’s viewing.

Yep, just give a brush to the genuine artist... next post is on other LED application, for a fine contrast!

Monday, December 14, 2009

On Light, Universe and Everything


Everything is different there: everpresent sun, high high high skies, colours and fragrances, faces and facades... The distance is measured in towers ("Now, you go two towers farther..."). Past meets future and Futurama is diluted by Tradition. Here you can come across traditional "old-fashioned" elements in modernist interiors. Like, musharabija as a decorative pattern and functional Persian blinds at the same time.

Signs attract special attention: they look like strokes (it's called "flourish"in ornamental script and the name is well justified imo). And they demand a somewhat different approach in designing and lighting.

Lighting can indicate the society lifestyle: in the Mall of the Emirates, a mega-shopping mall where you can be walking for hours shopping, watching movies, mountain-skiing or snowboarding, sipping coffee or dining out, you can also participate in social events or go reaaaal clubbing. Well, unlimited indoor opportunities in the Arrakis land. A universe in itself.