Friday, June 19, 2009

Green merchandising


Want to see the evolution of merchandising in practice? Come see spontaneous racks along highways in Sverdlovsk oblast, some 30 km from Yekaterionburg. Peoples' wit uses white sheets to add on contrast for racks with Russian banya bunches, or veniks. With days coming shorter, they start using incandescent lamps turned backwards from drivers and inwards to the rack. If I get the chance to travel there by that time, I will try to make a picture.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hussein + Moritz = Haute, Very Hot Couture!

A software, a microchip, a curcuit board, a cable joint, a processor, a memory disc, a clock... Packages of batteries and a monitor supporting LED diods... Doesn't read like couture at all! Yet it is - Hussein Chalayan's pioneering designs supported by new technologies and a hi-tech filling by Moritz Waldemeyer have turned a simple... cocktail... dress into an Extra-Terrestrial Party Dress! 

...Aaah I wantIwantIwant shock the crowd at my next black tie party!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Paris trend spreads

MEGA STORE, Yekaterinburg, Russia. Back to our post on Paris striped trend -- here it is, miles and miles away.
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Future Started Yesterday...

EKATERINBURG, Russia. Today the protest meeting at the place of the demolished historical monument, Yarutin's House in Ekaterinburg, was organized. The popular Russian rock-band Chaif initiated the gathering of the architects and all those not indifferent to the destiny of the "old town" architecture. Yarutin's House was located in the very heart of the downtown and was demolished one night without any (legal and material) trace left... So sad when the city famous for its "merchant houses" - officially protected by the state as historical monuments - loses its face and becomes another glass-n-steel monster cloned endlessly... Anti-Utopian tomorrow's starting now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The best is the enemy of good

ARCHMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia. LEDs provide a user with uncountable opportunities. Why use them all at a time?

OPERA HOUSE, Yekaterinburg, Russia. I wonder if a person making this 'lighting design' ever been to the Opera?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Archmoscow: Italian stone gardens

ARCHMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia. This installation at the Garden of Stone exposition is inspiring indeed. It is very laconic and simple. Natural, in a way. Theatrical, in another.


SALYUT MULTIPLEX, Yekaterinburg, Russia. This place is already famous for the longest release of the "Titanic" (19 months!) and now it can line up in a raw of the most interesting lighting design places. Ground floor meets a visitor with a red filtered aggressivness and chills a movie goer with a raindrops of pendant LED spots. Bravissimo!