Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Sun in, bit by bit

HISTORY MUSEUM, DUBAI, UAE. Whilst other countries are building their lighting philosophies on the lack of the Sun, Middle East tradition is based on its abundance. A hut replica in the History Museum of Dubai illustrates logical and simple solution of letting in enough daylight and circulation of air. Bedhead is protected against direct light by a round-shaped rug. Good morning, Wisdom!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dubai Metro

DUBAI, UAE. A regular metro passanger, I do enjoy Dubai's metro. The local RTA, Road and Transport Authorities, are up to create a sustainable and feasible transportation system in the city. Slowdown puts on hold opening of several station, but the most important stations are open (remember, Emirati are good merchants, and they have opened the most commercially potent locations, such as Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Financial Center, etc).

Metro is new, clean, garded by police in fashionable uniform, convenient to use and chill out before or after work. But what if it is a weekend (Friday and Saturday for most of the companies)? Chill out music, names of the stations changing from English to Arabic, Sun jumping out from one tower to hide behind the other, and interiors. designed as a football uniform -- modern, technologically advanced and slightly different in pattersns. And a whipped cream of lighting on top.